Time away

Stepping away from what you do on a day to day basis is so very important. You can get so embroiled in what you are doing that you miss the things that are actually happening around you, to you. Stepping away, changing the scenery and giving yourself space brings a whole new view on where you are and what is important (or not). It can also bring new ideas, new opportunities and the chance for meeting new people.

I’ve had three days of looking at new opportunities, viewing my world from a different perspective and taking a quick glance at where my past has brought me to at this very minute.  It’s been enlightening, emotional and has left me with a sense of pure peace and inner calm as I can see where this life of mine has the opportunity to go if I make some choices today. Peace and calm all from facing my past and deciding to grow from it instead of withering away from and because of the hard times.

Time away brings colour, brings new music to your ears, new scenery in the respect of where you are in the physical but also where you can go and excitement. Time away allows you to breathe just a little bit deeper than you did before. Time away can mean you join with new people or maybe new versions of people you have always known. Time away allows you to stop and meet yourself, say hello and stay awhile just to enjoy your own company as you would a friend.

Time away can be for so many reasons, a holiday, a short break, to see relatives, to be by yourself. It can be mixed with business if you allow yourself to switch off. Whatever it looks like in your world you must consider it, make time for it, do it. It could be the one thing you do that changes your world, your mindset, you. If it doesn’t change the world at least it will give you chance to breathe different air and see different faces and places. That alone is sometimes all you need. 

Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.


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