The men on the train

So who have we got on this train this morning? I don’t ride the train very often but when I do I discover how much of a people watcher I am! It appears to be a train full of men, business men, a couple of train spotter types and the occasional “I’m off to London for the day” type. Not a woman in sight bar me. I did see a couple on them on the station platform, suited and trainers, possible Accoutants or lawyers but not as many as I expected to see.

So across the aisle I have Mr ‘I haven’t finished my presentation yet’. He’s been beavering away,frantically tapping at his laptop, slightly manic and clearly nervously sweating that he won’t finish on time. Mildly stressed, driven by the desire to please or achieve maybe, married with a young family I’m guessing and committed to them all.

In front of him there is anorak man looking a little lost now he’s stopped playing games and sending a couple of texts. A bit bored and maybe off walking somewhere looking at his attire. Grey, bland and possibly divorced if he sits picking his nose and fidgeting at home too.

Now the man that has caught my eye most is headphones man. Late 40’s, married, slightly trendy, self employed, taking a casual approach today but still working inbetween watching his film on his Surface. He caught my attention because he smiled when he got on and said good morning. The only friendly face in this entire carriage. He appears curious of the other travellers and is watching them too. He’s also curious about the red headed woman wearing headphones and dancing in her seat and occasionally catches her eye and then gets embarrassed that he has.

I wonder where all these people are going, what brings them onto this train this morning and what their lives are really like. I have given them all names and personalities and lives but I will never know as we are all sitting in our own worlds of technology, newspapers, napping and internalising about what we are doing today. Noone, except good morning smiling man, has spoken to anyone else and nor will they because we are British and heaven forbid we should strike up a conversation with a perfect stranger.

Well the train has stopped and we are filling up again so more people to give new lives too. I hope their real lives are as ambitious as the ones I am just about to give them. What about yours? Do you live the one this stranger in the train wants to create where you laugh, love, live your dreams and are learning every day by whatever you do or are you the grey man in the grey suit on his laptop  not communicating with the world at all?


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