I had an LP (yes good old vinyl) when I was a little girl and it was a recorded version of Cinderella. A musical version. I adored that album and it was played over and over and over. The story, the romance, the songs and I guess I was at the tender age where all the words meant something to me.

One song from that album came to me as I walked down the stairs this morning to begin my meditation and all the words were there so here’s a snippet…  🎶To be with you from day to day and be lost when you’re away. To be your love and love you true so I can give my world to you. As long as time belongs to me I long to be with you.🎶

Have you ever missed someone so much that it hurts, physically hurts to be apart? Have you ever simply longed to touch their face and be in their arms, safe, protected and loved? Have you ever felt like there is a piece of you missing until you are back together in the same place? To feel this way is called love. There have been occasions in my life where I’ve had fleeting glances at this emotion, this loss, this beautiful, beautiful loss but today it was the first thing I experienced as I woke. A longing to be held and to know I was safe, loved, home.

Can I ask you to just close your eyes for a second and feel that longing to be held, that desire to be next to the person who makes you feel whole, that completeness when you feel their skin under the palm of your hand as you touch their face at “hello”. What sense of heightened emotion does that make you feel? Even if it is someone we no longer have this side of life it should still feel good and make you feel complete. 

It’s a lovely place to go when you are alone and feeling like the world is spinning a little too fast or there are too many people but no one looking your way or when you just need some kindness but there is no one else there. The real thing is much, much better but sometimes, just sometimes we have to use our imagination. 

If you need some tenderness today find that person, physically or in your heart and enjoy the moment. Be loved and love. Be Cinderella at the happy ever after moment.


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