Get back fear

Saw a lovely quote recently “get back fear, loves in charge here”. It made me think about how much we give in to what we can’t see, can’t control, can’t change instead of trusting that what is right for us will happen anyway and focussing on the positives of what we can impact or influence, and then enjoying the ride.

Life has an absolutely fabulous way of giving us what we need rather than what we desire. What we desire is not always good for us on so many levels and we must trust that where we are, what we are doing and who we are with are just where it’s all meant to be. Make the most of what you have right now because it’s what you need.

That’s not saying that everything is a bed of roses and you are happy or ecstatic about life. In fact it may be upsetting, frustrating or just plain hard work but, learn from it all and take whatever good points from it you can. Sometimes I know it’s not always possible and only afterwards can you see how it made you a better person but maybe when you realise and accept that there is learning from every situation, you can start looking for it whilst you are in it instead of accepting the bad.

I honestly believe that when we find love in everything that happens in our lives it becomes much easier to cope with, accept and move on to a better place. Love has a way of healing everything we experience. I’m not just talking romance here, this love on a whole different level. This is finding the good in everything, trusting, honesty, taking responsibility and accepting that you are in control of what you do, say and feel. You are responsible for choosing love in your life and can control how much you have, how you feel and who you allow in.

Fear of life only brings about darkness, negativity, anger and frustration. Who wants that? I don’t believe anyone does and if you are thinking this is where you live now, what will it take to turn it round? Don’t tell me money, a change in job, a new home or partner because the only thing that it needs is a change in how you think about it all and then act on it. You are the only one who can change what you have right now. Others can help and support you, but not until your mindset changes.

No it’s not easy but then nothing is that is worth having. Love. That may sound a very 60’s thought but it’s absolutely true. If you have love for yourself then what you want to have and to give to those around you it will be. Love is the catalyst to happiness and inner peace. With those you can conquer everything and achieve all. 

Not sure? Try it today. For one whole day find something to love about all you do and see how different the day feels at the end of it.


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