Oh god it’s monday

How many of you I wonder woke with that ‘oh god it’s Monday’ thought this morning, absolutely stressed out by the fact that you’ve had a lovely weekend and now you have to face all the things you dislike? I wonder how many are willing to take a leap of faith to change it? Note I say willing and not willing and able. We are all able if we make choices and sacrifices but you have to be willing to let go.

I worked for many years with people (including me) moaning about the job they did, the management, the stress and pressure put upon them, the rubbish pay, the lack of promotion possibilities. Some of this was true and some an excuse to make it feel worse and them hard done by because that is how they wanted to feel. They said they wanted more, to be happy, to live their dream but for some you just knew that actually moaning about their lot was their pleasure, how they thought they should behave because heaven forbid you should actually enjoy this life!

Think about it…. How much of your groaning and whining that it’s Monday and you have to go to work, a job you despise, because you are bored, unchallenged, put upon, left with no prospects etc is actually what you think and how much is what your ego is saying to keep you down. Seriously is it that bad? If it is then you need to make that leap of faith and change life because no one deserves to feel that every Monday…..

If, on the other hand, when you look really carefully, is it that bad? Does it give you all you need to ensure that you keep your head above water, the holidays and have fun without worry at the weekends? Then why are you making it out to be so bad? You are allowed to love what you do even if it’s not your dream job. Don’t allow those around you into thinking with a mindset that is negative because your ego will jump onto this and bring you down. You are better than that.

So, whether an ego fighter or leaper of faith you have choice and you can make the best of the next five days at work so that at least you have some pleasure from the time where you spend most of your life. I was a leaper. I went from a good salary to self employed with no guarantee that I could pay the bills and yes I worried a while but that gave me the strength and impetus to get off my backside and make my business a success and I would never, ever look back. My leap of faith worked and I am happier now than I have been in years and wouldn’t change it. 

It’s not for everyone and if you feel you can’t leap even though you would love to, you have to find a way to make today the beginning of the best week ever.


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