Pennies from heaven

Yesterday I wrote something down in the form of an explanation to someone. I was trying to put my thoughts onto paper but when I read it back I had a ta da moment and in that split second had answers to many things that have happened in the past or more accurately why I have been who I have. It was mind blowing, scarey and stunningly beautiful all at once.

Have you ever experienced one of those moments when the penny drops and your world opens up to a much bigger place simply because you allowed the thoughts you had inside to come out?

Have you ever written something down to explain it to someone and you suddenly find it brings a whole new explanation to yourself too?

Has your life ever suddenly opened itself up and shown itself to be something far bigger than you ever imagined?

These are like pennies from heaven, clanking on the floor making you see what has been there all the time. When the penny drops say thank you because you have just seen what the universe has been trying to show you for a long, long time.

This dawning, this realisation, will make you see your life in a whole new way and dots will be joined and answers given to so many things. How you’ve behaved, why you have chosen to do certain things, why you have walked into or out of particular situations and why you love what and who you do. Pennies from heaven are gifts of realisation, of a dawning of a new day, new life.

Now, here’s the thing, you have to be open minded, accepting and fearless to even hear the pennies dropping, never mind moving forward with a new insight on life. This is you being totally open to new ideas, new choices, new options, new thinking, new emotions and this can be quite uncomfortable for some if it’s not something experienced before. Today I woke refreshed, with new excitement for life and can focus my attention on what I want from it and to give to it without worrying about the how or when or why. It’s extremely liberating.

A little task today: if you had to explain to someone how you felt today but could only write to them what would you put. I would love you to actually do this. Pen and paper at the ready…. and begin. Don’t think too much just put down in words how you feel, about you, about them, about life in general…. whatever comes. You don’t have to send it to anyone but please read it back and see what it says to you, about you.


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