One small step forward 

It may only be a single step but when it goes in the right direction it is huge! There’s never just one is there or that would be hopping and I don’t think I like hopping. That seems out of control and haphazard. Being a little OCD I like organised and not so keen on random. Apart from that, hopping would make me out of control and I’m likely to fall over when that happens. 

So what one small step have you made this week towards your dreams, your ambitions, a new you? If you’ve just sat and said ‘nothing, not one, more like I’ve gone backwards’, stop right there and think again. It may be one seemingly insignificant step. It may have been what we would have called fairy steps when I was younger. Minute. Tiny. Hardly visible. Incomprehensible to most eyes but to you it will be a step forward just the same. Come on, what was it. Admit it you made one didn’t you! You are awesome, you do realise that don’t you?

You may have conquered a fear, made choices or decisions, spoken up for yourself or someone else, paid a bill you didn’t think you’d be able to pay or any number of other things but you’ve done it and should be so proud. 

Never turn round or stop. Never allow yourself to take a backwards step. It’s the wrong way to be travelling. Step with confidence. Step with assurance. Step with an air of ‘I can’. Even on the days you don’t believe it just fake it. One day you will forget that you even need to put on that mask, play that part and you will amaze yourself that you ever doubted you. 

Step forward and make it as big as you can. 


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