I see you

The face you see before you is simply a reflection. It acts as a reminder of who you are, how you feel, where you’ve come from and all to show you where you can go. That land of possibility.

I look in the mirror and see an older face, a face I sometimes recognise and sometimes I don’t. It has lines that define who I am. It has a brightness about it. It still carries some shadows but only as a reminder of how far I have come. The face I see loves me and loves life.

The face in the mirror always looks back with surprise, like they are genuinely surprised at who they see looking at them. Think of it…. The face looking at you is wondering about you, who you are, why you are staring back at them. A curious thought but which is real and which is reflection? Is either face the one others see? I digress…

When I look at you, close up and personal, who do I see? As I close my eyes I see strength. I see an inner strength that has kept you going through many a crisis and kept you true to your dreams. When I close my eyes I see beauty. Not a magazine cover but a real face, I see texture, I see colour, I see clarity in who you are. When I close my eyes I see your smile. I know it’s spent a long, long time covering up a dark demonic like hound who has nipped at your feet and yet look at it now! It’s beautiful. It’s big. It shines right to your eyes that look back at a me. When I look at you I see love. Whether you say it to anyone or not it’s there. It is like a shimmering surface to your skin on that large, beautiful face before me. Like it or not, able to verbalise or not, love is there for all to see. I see.

The face is a reflection of the you inside and no matter what you see, others will see more so take off the mask and allow all to see the same face. Allow them to see the face that shows who you are inside, how you genuinely feel, what you are thinking, how you hurt, how you love, how you live, who you are and what makes you you.

I see you when you are stood before me. I see you when I look in the mirror because some of my reflection is you. I see you in my head whilst I sleep and we meet in my dreams. I see you. I know you. I love you. I love every line, every dark circle, every crease, every wrinkle when you smile, every frown when you are thinking, every sparkle in your eye as you think of something naughty you feel like doing. I see you. I know you. I love you for who you are. I want you to love you too because you are a miracle, a gift to those around you, unique and worthy.


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