Giving your all

Have you ever in your life given all you have for someone or something? I can’t say I have but today has been a realisation that sometimes that is all you want to do, all you can do to be whole, to be true. To give up all you have for something you may never realise is mammoth and not something taken lightly.

There comes, it appears, a time in your life when you will give all you are for another person or a chance to do something that makes you whole. When I mean give all I don’t mean you stop living, I mean you live more because of having that desire, that need, that focus on this person, this mission, this action you feel compelled to take.

I ask you simply…. Is there someone you would give your all to even though you may never actually live your dream? Is there something in your life you know you have to do and will stop at nothing to give it a try? Is there somewhere you would travel to just because you felt the need to be there? 

If you answered yes you have something very special and need to make a choice…. Live like you know you have to or exist with what if. Choices….. I’ve made mine, how about you?


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