Not my words but listen anyway?

Ever feel like someone else is talking in your head? No don’t panic there is no need to call me a doctor. I’m not hearing voices but I do get thoughts in my head I don’t feel are mine. This time of day is one of them. When I sat meditating this morning there was nothing and then the words “listen to my words and write” popped in.

This is straight as it comes….

When you listen to the voice in your head you are listening to yourself. You are listening to your unconscious mind. Listen well my friend. This voice is the one telling you, no, advising you of where to go in life. This voice is the one of reason, this one is the one who keeps you on the track, the straight and narrow. When you listen you know it’s right and then you have choices to make. You can take its word or you can fight it. Fight it and be damned. Be damned because you’ve just lost reason.

Your unconscious brain gives you love. Your unconscious brain gives you heart. Why do I say that? Because if we thought about love and all the complications that go with it; the do they don’t they, the brokenness at times, the torment of will they love you back; the will they give up all they have just for me; then we would never begin. Love is not easy, love is not smooth sailing but love is worth it. Without love we die, we die inside and have nothing left to give.

Your unconscious mind gives you thoughts. Do you find yourself thinking something or saying something and you’ve no idea where it came from. It may sometimes appear inappropriate, the wrong timing, something that you wouldn’t normally say as it’s more forceful or aggressive, it’s maybe even softer, more gentle. Guess who! It’s the inner part of you that thinks these things but someone else puts on a filter before it leaves your mouth. This is simply the side of you that says what they have inside.

Unconsciously you are thinking this is just her words, her thoughts as usual and nothing more but I promise you as I write this, the words are just sitting, falling forward and spilling  out onto the paper. There is no thought process going on whatsoever. It’s exciting because I have no control and am letting it flow and yet scary as I am not sure what is coming out and I have promised that I will post whatever does. I’m not even sure which one of us wrote that bit.

To love is to heal. To heal is to gain. To gain is to grow. To grow is to live. To live is to be. To be is to love.

Make it your mission, your desire, your need, your business to love today. Be honest today and tell someone how you feel. Let that unconscious part speak; it will speak the truth if given centre stage. You need to say and they need to hear. Think of the process… To love is to heal….

Seemingly I can carry on now.

Part of me doesn’t want to post this as its a bit of an experiment for want of a better expression but the other part knows I must as I made an agreement with myself. I don’t know whether I want to apologise in advance or say “enjoy the ramblings of the inside of my head”. Try letting go of the constraints you put on yourself and your thoughts today and find out what freedom feels like.


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