Mamma Bear & Baby Bear

Today is a day of celebration and gratitude. Today would have been my mamma bears birthday. She left us 21 years ago and yet I still wish her a happy birthday just in case she’s still celebrating. It would also have been my angel baby’s birthday so a double sense of gratitude.

I miss them both often.

I could live with what if. I could live with wondering how life would have been different with them still in it. I could live in the past mourning. There is no point. In the scheme of things I have moved on. I eventually grieved and let them go and also shared with others about who they were and how much love I had in my heart for them, so they actually live on and no longer just inside me.

We spend so little time with our feet planted on this planet and I don’t know for sure what happens next; maybe nothing; maybe we reincarnate; maybe we find our version of heaven; maybe we stay and are just no longer visible. I know what gets me through the grieving, missing you, gratitude phase and that will do me. I do not need someone else spouting their beliefs nor will I spout mine.

We spend so little time here – live every second.

When you wake be thankful for a bed to sleep in (no matter how little time you spent sleeping in it). Be thankful that you have a roof above your head and carpet between your toes. When you flush the toilet, clean your teeth, make a cuppa, appreciate the water coming so freely, flowing in with little effort. When you eat, feed the family or the pets just acknowledge you aren’t going hungry today. If you work, no matter how frustrated you get remember you have one when others don’t. If you hate it, change it!

I could go on but I think you get what I am saying.

Be aware today, live every second of today and be thankful that you have today. If you have time or the inclination, say a quick hello to those who are past, who came before, who left all too soon but don’t live in their world, you have your own to enjoy.

In my heart I sing happy birthday and in my heart I love them both and I will continue doing so forever and a day. My heart misses them and wistfully I remember but tomorrow is another day and I have to live it.  Happy birthday mamma bear. Happy birthday baby bear. Not too much cake…..




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