Who says a woman can’t fly

Imagine if you will, a moment of total freedom. No constaints, no feeling of weight just pure abandonment and weightlessness. Imagine what that must feel like. If you can, see your world as though you fly above it. As though you can fly over it, under it, around it and through it. Feel that freedom. Feel the height. Feel the air as it rushes past your face. Feel the emotions this new found freedom brings.

Land for a second and reflect how that felt.

Now I am scared of heights and yet managed to jump 14000 feet from a plane and I can tell you that this sense of freedom is THE most amazing experience ever. Being able to see for miles with no sound, no sense of falling, just silence and sunshine brings a peace little often felt in my life. If that is the freedom of flying then I will do it all again. Actually I promised my children I wouldn’t do it again as seemingly it’s not a good experience watching your mummy jump out of a plane and fly with just the aid of a piece of thin cloth! I never said I wouldn’t wing walk though….. That’s my next mission!

We can achieve that emotional release, that freedom, that weightless abandonment without ever leaving the ground if we really want to. Don’t be ridiculous? Of course we can! What’s stopping you or I experiencing that? Why do you feel shackled to your job, your home, your career path, your family, your desire to please, to be there for everyone but yourself? Why do you feel tied by choices you make on a daily basis? When did you stop loving yourself enough to give yourself the freedom to do what is right for you?

When it’s right for you, you are right for everyone else. When you love you, you can give love. In fact the only time you can truly give love is when you love yourself first. Fill yourself up and there is more to give away.

My world got so bad that I left myself very few choices and so I had to jump. I had in essence backed myself to the exit of the plane but left the parachute on the seat. It was jump or die in the plane crash (the pilot was me and I’d forgotten how to drive that damn metal bird). Thankfully I met people willing to hold out a large blanket to catch me, place me gently on the floor and help me stand again. From there I rebuilt, retrained, refocused, earnt myself a new pair of wings and stepped out into a blue sky with no fear, no hesitation and no barriers. That my friends is freedom.

How did I manage that? By learning to love me again. So who’s getting your love today?


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