And the star fell

When you look into the night sky around my home the stars are so incredibly bright because there is very little light pollution to destroy their glorious glow against a black sky. I am lucky to see them shoot across the sky sometimes too. Just imagine if it fell….

There are times in life when it feels as though one of those precious bright stars falls and lights up your life, even for a short while. 

Imagine a star falling from the sky, into your hand. See it seep into your bloodstream and become part of you. You know you cannot keep this. You know where it belongs. You know that the cruelest thing is to keep it to yourself and yet when you have to put it back it breaks your heart. At least it was once yours and you always have the beauty, the warmth and the brightness it gave.

I vaguely recall a book I used to read my daughter when she was a little girl, ‘The Star that Fell’. This followed the same vein of a star falling and being gifted to the little girl but her daddy told her that she has to put it back into the sky. I have no recollection of the ending but I’m guessing it was meaningful and happy.  Makes you think though of the significance. 

What or who is that star in your life? What have you been given so precious and so warm, that brings brightness to your life and yet you know deep down it is not yours to keep, nor tuck away for your own pleasure and selfish enjoyment? It is not yours to shade from the world because it will grow cold. It will die. What star are you holding onto?

I feel a sadness inside today, an empty pocket where I expected to find something bright and shiny. I feel a little empty, a little cold, a little bit lost and without guidance. It’s been a day I didn’t expect to be experiencing and it has been a mix of celebration and goodbyes. It has been a day of holding out my hand that clutched my star so tightly and letting it shoot back to where it belongs. It has been hard letting go and yet somehow seeing the beauty shared with millions of others seems to make it okay. I only hope the star knows how beautiful it is.


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