What are we made of?

“What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and all things nice. That’s what little girls are made of. What are little boys made of? Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails. That’s what little boys are made of.”

Nothing like teaching our children stereotypes from an early age is there!

I have exams at the weekend and so have been revising this week and have realised that leaving it to the last minute, even though I can justify it, is really not a good idea. Cramming a years knowledge into a week is far from sane. What I have learnt though is what we are made of…. Bones, none, ligaments, muscles, nerves, organs…. The list goes on.

A total miracle. That is what we are. When people abuse this magnificent creation, when they overuse it, stretch it out of shape, attempt movement and sport that their body isn’t up to anymore or ready for, I get to fix them. What a marvellous job I have.

Whilst I mend these broken people I get to talk, explore their lives, their dreams, their ambitions, their highs and their lows. I love listening to them and seeing what they are made of. I can see and feel the external side of them. I can feel the sore muscles or stiff joints. What I have the honour of seeing is the inner person; the secret singer, the frustrated writer, the passionate parent, the dreamer, the entrepreneur, the go getter and the lover of life. Wow I really love my job!

What I wonder, are you made of? Who is my reader? What do they do when they aren’t sat with me here? Are they a fabulous stay at home mum? A loving dad wishing he had a different career so he could spend more quality time at home? A frustrated musician? A student, wanting a future but looking ahead with confusion or insecurity?

Who knows, and that is what I love about writing this blog, I have absolutely no idea who reads it so I get to create my ideal reader, my follower, the one who likes to spend time with me maybe over their morning cuppa, or their lunch or maybe in the evening when they are winding down from a busy day. I can create my reader, I can write specifically for them should I choose to and maybe sometimes I do.

My person, my reader, my peruser of assorted thoughts and information…. are they kind and considerate or angry at the world? Do they go out and care for others? Are they creative or factual? Are they lovers of life or do they battle with the black dog? Are they honest and true or thieves and vagabonds? I genuinely wonder who you are and what you are made of. I know my vision and I hope its accurate.

We humans are pretty awesome creatures and I get to work with the whole person. The body that gets damaged, the mind that gets too busy to think straight anymore and the spirit that sometimes is too tired to fight another day. What are we made of? So many, many things and I love each and every piece of you. I hope you love you too!



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