The secret is out

Do you keep secrets? I do. Not the sordid secrets that you can’t tell anyone for fear of ending up in the Daily Mail, but those precious secrets that you don’t want to tell anyone for fear that if you do they will no longer be just yours. They are the place, the moment, the person you go to when you are tired, sad, emotional or needing peace. They are beautiful memories that you treasure deep inside yourself and no one else can ever take away.

I have a memory journal that I write in and how it’s changed. I used to write in it on bad days when I wasn’t coping and needed to express my raw hurting, my sadness, my pain, pictures the black dog in my life was creating with his depressive thoughts. Somewhere down the line these changed and now they are filled with memories I treasure, thoughts that make me smile and my inner most thoughts and dreams.

In the back of this journal is a small pouch I keep special memories in. Silly things to most I guess but there will be a train ticket, a theatre stub, a postcard, a receipt for a special meal. All sorts of weird and wonderful items but to me they are priceless as they are memory joggers. Picking one of these up transforms me back to that place, event, or person and I can feel the smile on my lips.

These secrets, some call them memories, are priceless to me as they recall moments I can never have again with certain people, they hold a moment in time that couldn’t possibly be repeated and yet they can never be taken away. I’m curious as to what secret is in your head, what makes you smile when no one else knows why? What secret do you have that you wouldn’t even tell your best friend and why do you keep it to yourself?

Doris Day is drowning out my thoughts as I write “once I had a secret love, that lived within the heart of me. All too soon my secret love, became impatient to be free. So I told a friendly star, the way that dreamers often do. Just how wonderful you are and why I’m so in love with you. Now I shout it from the highest hills, even told the golden daffodils. At last my hearts an open door, and my secret loves no secret anymore.”

Should you share? Should you let them out, even if only to the stars and daffodils? Should you set your secret free? Maybe just to one person. The person that created them with you so they know how you feel, what wonder you get from thinking about that time, place or person. Keep a secret from the secret provider and they may go forever without realising what a special person they are. Who knows what magic and new secrets that conversation could make….


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