Time to dance

Those of you who know me know my passion for dance, to dance. To be able to give your whole being up to a piece of music and be lost in its rhythm, its beat, its conversation between the notes is the most powerful sensation I can think of. To share that with another human being is off the scale.

Many of us got enthralled by Strictly Come Dancing at the back end of last year, many without having any knowledge or experience of dance in any form and yet were swept away by the colour, the movement, the passion, the sensuality, the intricate steps and skill it takes to achieve them and make them delight those watching. Why? How?

Simple. That was the magic of dance. It captivates, enthrals, captures you and takes you on a journey, to places in your dreams, inside your soul. It holds you in its breath, you’re held, a pause, a stillness where nothing else exists. A silence. Then it transports you to wherever you allow it to. 

Now is my time to dance. That doesn’t mean getting my dance shoes on or watching a tv show. This means taking myself to my inner self and capturing the passion that dance provides to me and using it wisely in my world, in my work, in my studies, with my family, with those I love. Entering that realm where I am lost to all except what needs to be. Where peace is found and yet is surrounded with all that makes my heart beat louder, stronger, rhymically. 

I live every day in a world I have chosen to be in. I fill it with all those I love and I live my purpose, every single day. My time is now. My purpose is to love and to heal. My reason is to make sure no one else goes where I have been, where it is dark, and sticky and painful. My heart is in all I do and I wear it on my sleeve and offer it to anyone who can return it. 

So I ask where your passion lies, what dance do you choose to dance (mine is and always will be the Argentine Tango), what emotions does it create inside you and how will you play out the steps? Who will you share your purpose with and what is the rhythm? Fast, steady, slow and rhythmic? Do you know the reason you do what you do? Are you prepared to change the dance style if it’s not feeling right? Are you willing to match someone else’s tempo or are you ready and willing to go solo?

Listen to your inner self. Play the music. Dance like you’ve never danced before. Dance like the world is about to end. Be passionate, be stylish, be amazing!


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