Painting pictures 

I love to paint; water colour. They are never brilliant or accurate and I don’t ever share them with anyone. I simply paint what I feel about what I see. 

I find words the same. There’s something quite sensual, creative and satisfying about being able to show someone a picture of what is in your head with only words. Painting a picture for someone through the written word or speech is a gift, a pleasure and a skill which should be engaged in often. 

Imagine allowing someone else to see how beautiful they are to you by creating a masterpiece in words. Imagine sketching them, colouring them as you see them; maybe hues of red and gold or splashes of a rainbow shimmering in the sunshine. Imagine allowing them to see through your eyes how they sit within your soul. 

If you could draw for me, in words, how you see the greatest love in your life I wonder what I would see. If you could tell me their shape; would it be solid and square or curvaceous and softly pencilled in. Their colour, is it bold and vibrant or pastel; maybe black and white or a solid block of single hue? Would they be a small neat pencil drawing or a bold paintbrush splash abstract depiction? 

Think in words how they make you feel. Think how you describe their nature, their most daring characteristic, their level of intellect and ability to capture you in conversation. Put into words what you see when they say your name. Put into words your life without them in it. 

Play with your language, your vocabulary and paint me a picture with your words, from your soul. Create me a masterpiece. 


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