Timing is everything

Have you ever had those moments when things happen and it feels like everything is just perfectly timed, all your ducks are lined up and the stars are aligned for you? Timing in life is absolutely crucial and time itself is a very strange concept. We chase time, we yearn for time and we crave time to ourselves and yet we waste time constantly.

Time when its on your side is an absolute blessing. You may have to wait for the universe to give you what you are waiting for though, in its version of the “right time”, that is when the universe knows it’s right, not when you want it to be. I’m going to call this synchronicity – “a phenomenon where an event in the outside world meaningfully coincides with a psychological state of mind”.

Have you ever had those moments when you have tried to set something up, a business venture, a new contact, meeting an old acquaintance, a house move or a reconciliation with someone you’ve fallen out with or realising a dream? Did you try, did you wish, did you desire yet it was as though the whole world was against you achieving? Nothing you tried seemed to achieve the goal or in fact allowed you to get started? Was the timing wrong?

I have experienced life when the timing of things has been out of my control but on review the timing actually experienced was perfect. I was always one who wanted things now, no patience! I have learnt that life sometimes plays a timing game and makes me wait until it’s ready. Teasing me with thoughts, dreams, ambitions and holding them tantalizingly close but never quite allowing me to reach. I put them on one side and then out of the blue a call, a “chance” meeting, a letter through the door, a contact made and the universe delivers. It’s as though you have to let go of the need to receive.

Sometimes you must wait weeks, sometimes months, sometimes years but wait you must and wait you will because the world has to be ready, you have to be ready. Maybe you have more to learn, maybe you need to be emotionally stable, maybe you have to experience life, grow, age, mature. Then and only then will the stars align and those ducks will line up in a perfectly straight row.

How beautiful is timing – when you have a desire and the universe delivers.

What is your desire? Your dream? Your passion is to create what? Are you getting frustrated that its not happening? Step back. Let it go a while. Wait. If it is meant to be it will be delivered, usually when you least expect it so when it arrives cherish it, nurture it, love it, enjoy it, make it the success you always knew it could/would be.

Don’t let it go because this is your time, the universe just said so!




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