Too much to say

I have so many thoughts this morning and have written three blogs already, none of which will ever be finished because they were all just words and no meaning. I’m not a great believer in doing things for the sake of as my time and energy is precious and I like to use it wisely and with those who deserve, need or want it, so this is short.

If you have something to say to someone, take the bull by the horns today, choose your words carefully and say them from your heart. Whether they are good, angry, frustration, love or simply things that need saying for your or their inner peace, get them out there. You can say them, write them, sing them, create a poem but get them from the inside out and deliver them as a gift. Not in anger, not with hate. Those words fall on barren ground and leave you hurting, frustrated and empty. Always with love, yes even for those you dislike as they need love more than anyone (it might just warm their heart).

I am pretty good at expressing myself nowadays but I’m absolutely rubbish at confrontation or saying things I know are going to hurt the other person so I avoid those as long as possible. A skill I really must get better as it just festers inside me and when it does come out, it’s all twisted, upside down and never expressed as it sounded in my head.

Never be afraid of verbalising what is inside you but write it down first if you are new to expressing yourself and feel comfortable with what you need to say. Take a deep breath. Know it can never be as bad as you imagined. 

If you are giving bad news, I wish you strength. If you are dealing with someone you dislike or struggle with, I wish you calm and inner peace. If you are declaring your love, I wish you a happy ending. If you are letting go, I wish you courage. 


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