Do you care?

Who or what do you care about? Children? Friends? Small animals? Reputation? What others think? Health? Image? Money? Career? Yourself? Politics? Refugees? War? Mother Nature? Do you care at all? Are you passionate enough about anything to try and make a difference?

We can’t individually save the world, stop a war, feed the starving or save the polar caps from melting but take it back a step and look at what you can do, what small incremental positives can you bring to what you care about to begin making a difference – no matter how small.

Each seemingly insignificant step you take to care about something means you are one step closer to making it better, improving, loving, repairing, solving. Every tiny difference you make to your lifestyle, way of living, thought process creates an impact and little by little these join together to create a huge leap into a world you never thought you would see.

If you see something that you think should be changed, improved, done differently, do you make your mark on it or decide that you won’t make a difference so someone else can do it? They are bound to have more to give! More time, more money, more effort, more love, more intelligence, more passion….

Absolute nonsense – you being the passionate you I know you are, can make a change and that will inspire someone else to do the same and if they are of the same heart as you that is double the effort. Imagine if someone else then saw and joined in and they inspired someone else….. think how huge this impact could be, beginning with just your one small act.

“How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.”

If you see someone in pain, care enough to help take it away. If you see someone sad, give them a smile. If you witness violence, show them how to love. If you see chaos, bring them order. If you see negativity, give them hope. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering and its definitely not at a cost, unless you keep it to yourself and then it isn’t just that/them that loses out, its you too. As people, as a world, we are worth more than that I think!

What will you do today – walk by or stop and ask if you can help? Do you care? Really? You may not change the world but you can change yours. This is turn changes others. Together we can change the world but it begins with you and I taking responsibility for the piece we can make an impact on. Let’s begin today….





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