Reset button pressed 

Poor sleep patterns, constant tiredness, head funk, mixed emotions, sensitivity and the desperate need to know where life is going do not give you peace of mind. Clarity of thought is gone, time seems to run away with you and nothing seems to quite fit. It’s like someone has given you a jigsaw but didn’t tell you not all the pieces will fit as they are from a different one.

Then you take yourself or your thoughts away to somewhere where everything is different and clarity seems to arrive. The reset button is pushed and the jigsaw is now easy to complete as you can see the pieces that no longer belong. It’s a yin and yang moment where two halves, which move independently, perfectly well, suddenly join and become one. It all makes sense.

The past is let go, clarified, put to rest and because of this, the future suddenly takes on a different picture, a different feel, a peace that has not been seen or felt in a long time. Sleep comes, head funk is washed away and the need to know is only about today. All has just been reset, is exciting once more and holds endless possibilities and opportunities you had never even imagined could be yours.

Are you living in your own life but it doesn’t feel quite right, like you are sometimes a guest rather than the owner? Do you feel like you are driving it but someone else has their foot on the pedals? Is your sleep so poor that you cannot think straight? Do you feel like some parts of your life are working well but there’s only half of it available to you? Get your finger ready then as its time to reset that button!

This is going to take some soul searching, a great deal of sitting in front of the mirror and facing up to what you see and more than likely revisiting parts of your life, parts of you that will be difficult, uncomfortable and oh so scarey. If you are determined to take back control you won’t question this for too long. If your gut tells you this year is the time you become the you you are passionate about, then let’s go. I feel the need to share, I feel the need to talk about things, I feel the need to make my dreams a reality and I’m trusting how I feel this morning that it’s time. I hope your ready to come with me….


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