Travelling in the dark

This morning I am on a train and it’s still dark as the day hasn’t quite started. It’s a strange feeling knowing you are travelling at speed and yet all you can see is the occasional light flashing as you speed past. No sense of place, no sense of control and no sense of how far your have travelled until that voice shouts over the tanoy to tell you which station you are in.

Life’s a bit like that sometimes isn’t it. We travel along blindly, in the dark and usually at such speed we miss all the beautiful scenery around us. Sometimes you need to get off and walk a while or even travel by steam train so you can take in the atmosphere and recapture a time gone by. Less speed, more beauty, more time to breathe in the air.

I can see the dawn beginning to my side, a pale pink sky peaking out from above the buildings I begin to see. More people scuttling about, cars, vans and buses finding their way through as their working day commences. We slow down and the lights increase in brightness as we arrive at the next station, glaring, fluorescent noise in the gentle stillness of the dark.

Like life, if we slow down we can see more of what’s happening around us. Turning on the lights in our heads gives clarity, and whilst that can sometimes be too bright it does allow us to see everything around us. When you don’t know exactly where you are you most definitely cannot see how far you have come. We need to acknowledge the distance and congratulate ourselves. It can be a long and difficult journey therefore every bump, twist and turn deserves acknowledgement.

My journey today is relatively straightforward and now the day has dawned I can see the beauty in the rolling fields, horses running after being set free and a world beginning to wake around me. I’m lucky in that most days feel like this now but it’s been a hard learning curve to get to it. Each step you take is like arriving at another station and when you arrive at your destination remember to acknowledge the whole journey.


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