The art of conversation 

In this digital age I thought this art, this art of conversation was dead and gone. I thank the heavens above that I’ve been proven wrong. To know that it’s still possible to capture anothers attention and be captivated by another human beings words is both a revelation and a blessing. 

If you have spent many years thinking, believing, you have nothing of importance or interest to say, to find that you can be in another’s company and be so at ease with the conversation is very important.

I say the art of conversation because it not just talking is it. It’s using words in such a way that the person you are conversing with knows it’s all for them, that the words you choose are for their interest, benefit, knowledge. These words should drip off the tongue like silk brushing past bare skin and be thought about, cared for, treasured and a gift to the other.

Words are precious as they can hurt or heal, they can mend or destroy, they can make you feel love or hate. How they are said as much as what is said can create an image for someone and how they see it, how you want them to see it. They must be thought about, created as a painter puts his oils to a canvas, a sculptor his hands to the clay. Words must be loved, moulded, given freely and with the intent they deserve.

It’s perfectly acceptable to chat. It’s perfectly okay to catch up on a day with general conversation. In my opinion we don’t talk enough but the art of conversation needs so much more and I wonder when you did this last? When was the last time you hung on anothers words, were captivated by the sounds, the shapes of the words, the messages they gave, the colour they created. How did you feel during that conversation? Were you aware of the rest of the world? Did you know who else was in that room. Did you have any awareness of the surroundings or just the person in front of you and the flow of conversation?

I wonder who, if you had a choice of only one person to speak to today, to have that level of conversation with, I wonder who you would choose? Someone famous? A loved one past? Your best friend? A total stranger who simply fascinated you? Hmm I wonder…


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