Full circle 

I get absolutely frustrated if things aren’t finished. I am a completer. I am a needer of closure and I love circles.  They are whole, continuous and complete. They can be large, small, squashed or beautifully symmetrical but they always have a beginning and an end, but you can’t see where they begin and you should never see where they finish. They are complete, they are perfect, they are what I want life to be… never ending. 

The reality is that the circle of life goes from birth to death (within this physical form that we all must bear) but tell me there is more beyond that. We don’t live in this marvellous universe to never see more of it surely?

Who knows and this isn’t a debate about life after death or even before birth. It is thoughts about where we as people begin and what completes us. It will I feel come in many guises for each of us as some are completed by being a parent, some by their career, some by their vocation and some by love. I’m sure there are many more but these particular ones are speaking to me this morning. 

I don’t believe that our life here on this planet is only once around the circle, as I’m convinced that when one part of us is complete it begins again, seemlessly, at times unknowingly. 

My life in the last year reached another of its full circles and has now begun again. Where is it taking me this time I wonder? I have no idea and nor am I afraid to journey on blindly as I have faith that wherever I go it’s to learn, to grow, to develop into a better me. It maybe to live more, love more, dream bigger, experience new, let go of old, meet with the old and see what’s new about it, look again at the now and see what can be made from it. 

So much to come, some to let go of and yet how exciting and how eagerly I step forward, a little apprehensive and yet regretting nothing about taking it. How many times I have been made to feel complete, warm, comforted, safe and loved and yet I’m eager to leave all that behind for the feeling of uncertainty, fear and apprehension by taking a deep breath and trusting my gut instinct that all will be well and all I will ever achieve is whatever I give a go.

What or who completes you? What do you need to achieve, to feel, to try or who do you need in your life or to be for the circle to continue in its glorious never ending cycle of growth, of learning, of expression in its highest form? Oh how I wish you well on your journey of enlightenment, your searching, experiencing and growing from all you do on the way. How can you ever fear and not be enthralled by your next loop round the circle of life? Enjoy the ride!


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