Celebrations and Thank Yous 

Be warned this is a very self indulgent blog today but I do not apologise one little bit because my oh my have I so much to be celebrating and thankful for today. My first born, my daughter, my blessing, my heart is 21 years old today. I cannot believe where time has gone and so much has changed and progressed in that time. Nothing is as I would have imagined back then but I wouldn’t change a thing.

My daughter was a perfect baby and she’s never given me a days worry! Well maybe that isn’t entirely accurate but I like to believe it just the same. She actually was a rubbish sleeper, was permanently attached to me feeding for the first year and hated staying in her bed and had to be held. She took forever to go to sleep, didn’t sleep for long and was a little bit picky with her food (yes I was daft enough to separate her food on her plate and try where possible to keep it all in one colour range and never, ever put sauce anywhere near it!) But do I remember all that above everything? Absolutely not.

I recall the chatterbox, the sponge for information, the carer, the helping hand, the giggler, the daddies girl, the long hair that was always required to be plaited into a thousand plaits before nursery just because her friend Maki’s hair was like that. I recall the brownie guide, the proud sister, the little mother and the friend to all. I saw the protector, the teacher, the nurse and the profoundly loyal young girl begin at a very early age.

She dealt with everything thrown at her with such ease and courage. Her hearing loss and having to fit in with school friends whilst wearing hearing aids, not being the outgoing type she was deemed the ‘nerd’ and left out quite a bit and bullied, her mum and dad splitting up and destroying the world she felt safe in and trusted, exam pressure whilst managing a new way of living between two homes. Did she falter? Did she hell! I’m not saying she didn’t have her down days but my goodness she came out smiling even if that’s not what she felt inside.

And now she’s in her final year of her nursing degree, managing to deal with all her finances, running her own home far away from family, working, learning, growing, creating a life and a future. Could I be prouder? Could I be happier? Could I wish for a better daughter? No. No. No. I’m bursting with pride and with love.

So today, let me wish my daughter a happy birthday and thank her for being the most beautiful, loving, caring person I know. Let me also thank you for allowing me to spout on about my offspring. I do ask you to consider what or who in your life makes you burst with pride, with happiness, with love and then go and thank them.


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