Your own glass ceiling

We hear this term glass ceiling often and yet it usually is depicted alongside a woman’s career and is simply a metaphor for the fact that she can see high, dream high but never reach it as there is something blocking her way.

I don’t want to talk careers, I want to talk about every single individuals ability to smash that glass ceiling because I truly believe that, at the end of the day, you are the only one creating it. Yes it may be tough to achieve whatever is in your heart and there will most certainly be things in your path that you can do nothing about, but there will be a way of going round it or making where you are the best place to be if this is the case.

If you always believe that where you are, what you have achieved, is all you can be then it is. If you believe that there is more to life, more to you and you know how far you can go, then you will get there. The quote “you get what you wish for” is most certainly correct. Some call it a self fulfilling prophecy. Think negative, get negative. Think positive, get positive. Believe you can, you will.

So, look up, look above your head. Look to see what’s there. I used to have a ceiling so close I’m surprised I didn’t bang my head every time I stood up. Now when I look up I see the heavens, I see stars, I see the universe beyond but the best bit is that if I stretch my arms above my head, I can touch them too.

If you look up and see something blocking your way, what are you going to do about it? Give up before you start? You are better than that. Lift up your arms and give it a push, it will move and you are in control. Push it, push yourself, challenge yourself and your thoughts of where you can be and who you are already. Every challenge you create and achieve and that ceiling goes higher. If you really go for this, that ceiling will smash into a million, million pieces and you are free of any limitations you have enforced on yourself.

Set yourself free! Glass ceiling are not just for women, men have them too. Whoever you are, you can do this. You can live your dream, you can achieve everything, you can get your dream job, find love, win that race, gain that award, launch that business, raise your kids by yourself, learn to dance, learn to swim…. 

The list is endless, limitless and you are the one, the only one to decide when you are going to achieve them. That ceiling is made of glass, you can’t always see it, but you can feel it when you hit your head. Always out your hands out first, push it away if it’s coming too close or take a hammer to it and smash it to pieces.


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