Letting the inside out

Have you ever released something from your inside. Released it without fear of the consequences or reaction you would receive. It might have been words, an emotion, anger, love, passion, grief or ideas.

I had no idea how long I’d spent worrying about what I said. I had no idea how many years I’d censored my emotions before releasing them. I had no idea it was an eternity since I expressed my heart, unconditionally, uncensored and without fear. It’s totally liberating, you should try it.

I have thought it through since and realised that the reason for the ‘no fear’ approach was because it was right, appropriate, truth and from my innermost soul and for and to the person who needed to hear it. These words were specific. These words would never sit with anyone else. Never have. Never will. The reaction to my words never occurred to me (which I would normally fret over before, during and after) and all because they were the words that needed to be said. They just came out, naturally, with an ease that I have never experienced before. I could verbalise what I would have hidden behind on paper previously. Exhilarating.

If rejection had come it would have been their choice and not a reflection on my openness and truth. It would have been their inability to receive. It would have been their fear of the honesty the words came with. Rejection never came.

If you have something inside that you feel has to come out for you to be open, to give love, to allow an emotional release to take place, to move on or to grieve a loss, let it go. You may feel the need to write it down. Write a letter that doesn’t ever have to be sent. Burn it, destroy it and with it the words and emotions you have bottled up inside. Write a story, create a poem, stand on a hilltop and scream it out. Whatever your preference let it out.

Declare your love. Release your anger. Let go of sadness. Share your joy. Tell them, just tell them. If it’s the right thing, what’s to lose? Some pride? Your comfort blanket? Fear? If you have doubts it’s not time but if you have surety, the right moment has probably arrived. Don’t miss it.


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