Who do you want to be

I’m an avid watcher of Sherlock and am loving this set. I won’t spoil this one in case people haven’t caught up yet but I do want to pick up one line which captivated my thoughts this week and that was “Who you think I am is the one I want to be”. This is thinking you are not something someone else thinks you are or can be but wanting to live up to their vision of you.

It’s a phrase that makes me a little sad but also gives me hope and even as I write I can’t decide whether it’s a positive or negative thought. I’m leaning towards the positive. Hope and stretching and development. Transformation.

This is not about your career, what your capabilities are, how well you can do something, this is not about expectations on that front at all. This is about inside, inside yourself, the very core of who you are, to and for yourself and others around you. It’s the something inside that attracts us to another. It’s the piece of you that makes anothers heart beat faster, want to talk to you and find out more. The unseen magic that inspires, motivates and captures your very essence.

Others can see you vey differently from how you see yourself and whilst, on a negative front, this could be seen as never being enough, I feel at this point that is a double edged sword and wanting to be more, wanting to be the person others see, living up to their vision is a thing of rare beauty. It’s wanting to grow, to stretch, to reach up, to achieve and to be more than who you are right this minute. It’s using anothers belief, anothers confidence in you to achieve that which currently is only an aspiration.

When we are at a low ebb we sometimes fail to see the beauty in ourselves. Not the physical, I mean the spark, the light that ignites, the love, the joy, the strength, the charisma, the laughter, the gentleness and the rainbow of colour we see as shades of black and white. Another, close enough, brave enough, to be honest, will share what they see and believe it’s still inside, just covered over for the time with stress, or grief, or that blanket of stuff we just giving the heading of ‘life’. They see this and they gently tease it out until we see it ourselves and then belief is ours once more.

If you want to be today the person someone else thinks you can be I stand and applaud you for having the drive, the ambition, the courage to reach for it. Be proud and believe.


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