I wasn’t expecting that

I absolutely love surprises. Most of all I love people who surprise me. I don’t mean giving gifts, I mean those moments that you don’t expect from that particular person. They may do something, say something or achieve something totally unexpected and it’s absolutely wonderful. 

I take people at face value and first impressions are hugely important. I used to be the type of person who went with that first impression no matter what but in time I learnt that you can totally misjudge a person or a situation by not knowing, not understanding and not wanting to know more. I know I have been on the end of that and have been misjudged because of the walls I built thinking I was protecting myself, not realising I was actually stopping others coming in.

Nowadays I take people very much on who they tell me they are. This may seem naive in this day and age where people can hide behind a persona they have created on social media say and it may be stupid to be so trusting but as I am very much “what you see is what you get” I believe others to be the same. I find it works better if you assume people are honest and who they say they are. Only rarely have I been let down.

When someone trusts me enough to open up and let out an emotion or feeling or thought that they have kept inside for a while it absolutely takes my breath away. What an honour to have that level of trust that someone allows you into their absolutely sacred place. Their heart and their soul. I guess I have learnt that to get they best from myself you have to give your best, your all, to another human being.

What do you hold inside that you would dearly love to express? What would you tell me if you needed to let it out? What are you bursting to do, to say, to let go of I wonder? Most importantly once it was out, how exhilarating, how empowering and what sense of freedom would you experience?

Whatever is inside you today making you burst at the seams to get it out, get it off your chest or just express yourself, even if you don’t know the right words at this moment in time, how about letting it all go and seeing what happens. How about contacting the person you’ve been avoiding? How about telling that person next to you how much they mean to you? How about ‘I love you’, ‘I need you’, ‘you’ve hurt me’, ‘ I really want to…’? What will is cost you to let someone in? Probably far less than you think.


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