Letting Go

Decluttering your world naturally means letting go. Of things, of emotions, of people. It’s sometimes the hardest thing to do but necessary if you truly want to move on. Sometimes you can’t accept anything into your life until you let go of what you can no longer give to.

It’s hard to love if you hold onto hate. It’s hard to find freedom if you hold onto something which ties you down. It’s hard to find happiness if you are holding onto something pretending to be happiness. It’s hard to find someone new if you hold onto the memory of what might have been with someone past.

Decluttering is a mental and physical process. For me the mental process as far as intent comes first. I know I have to undertake the task to be a better version of me but at this stage I need no emotional attachment. I have to put my practical head on and just decide it’s time for all the right reasons. Once I’m happy with the process that is to come it’s time to get my hands dirty and my heart involved. It’s time to clear the clutter in the house, my life and my heart. What doesn’t serve me, so far as making me a better person for others, has to be removed. Removed is probably too harsh but to move on you have to let go and that usually involves some that you love and hold dear.

Once you have completed the sorting part and maybe emptied, moved round, thrown out or let go it’s time to begin with the new. I guess it’s a bit like a New Years resolution in that you have to work at it. You have to get into a routine, practice it, repeat it, get rid of old habits that no longer can be. We rely on things and people like crutches sometimes as they are easier than dealing with reality and being courageous in doing so.

The emotional release can be devastating, particularly if people are involved but when you know it’s right for all involved then it’s possible to accept and grow from I promise. Decluttering your life and your mind, your heart, gives order, clarity, a new and strong foundation to grow from. I suppose it’s like a gardener tending their flower beds to make way for the new flowers, giving them space, tending them, nurturing them and standing back and enjoying the array of colour when spring comes.

Decluttering is good for the soul, good for the heart and an emotional journey so it takes strength and courage and a mindset that is strong and determined but so important to allow personal growth, freedom and a new start. Ready to give it a go?


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