Energy from the Magnet

Do you ever experience something between you and another that you can’t see and yet there is something between you that is almost palpable? That’s energy. We see it most when we meet someone we are attracted to I guess. That tension, that chemistry, that sense of needing to be with another person but you don’t really know why. Sometimes you don’t even need to be in the same place. Their voice, a thought and obviously a physical presence can all create this magical force that is energy.

I work every day with people’s energy and see it in so many different ways. Sometimes it’s sad, sometimes it’s blocked, sometimes it’s damaged and sometimes it simply lost itself. You can’t always see energy but if you are tuned into what it feels like, it seems to become a visible force and people emit it to me. I love people’s energy and when I have the honour to work with it, it’s an absolute joy.

Every human being will give off energy and no matter how you try to disguise it, I promise you to those who can read you, there is no hiding. That works for me too. If I emit a negative energy or lacking in love it heads out into the universe and gives me back what I’m sending out. If I send out love and positivity I get right back what I am sending out. Be careful what you wish for….

If you can imagine your energy as colours, you are a rainbow and I don’t know anyone that doesn’t enjoy the magic of a rainbow after a dark day or a storm. It’s the same in you, so after a dark time it’s always good to imagine your rainbow and put it out there for people to see and enjoy. When you are wrapped in the beautiful hues of red, yellow, indigo etc how can you not feel beautiful? Wrap yourself in black and grey and I don’t think I have to tell you how your energy is already reacting.

Think about who you have met recently, who have you interacted with where you have picked up on a certain something you can’t quite explain. Maybe a feeling they gave you or left you with. An unexplained field between you that you could almost touch even though it wasn’t seen. A feeling of nervous excitement between you? An awkward tension? A moment, and it can be a split second, of something that was indescribable. That’s energy.

So bring it back not to what you pick up but what you give out. Think how you are feeling today, hear your words, watch your body language, these can all be faked. We all do it when we need to. Now think about your energy levels, think about their colour, their tension, whether they are high or low, whether they are nervous, excitable, low or sad. What are you saying by saying nothing at all and remember be careful what you wish for, the universe hears everything.


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