One chance to change?

I watched a video today of a four year old girl talking of New Years resolutions. She said that she found them hard to keep, especially only being four. I think she thought she may not have had enough practice. She reminded me that you have lots of moments to change, not just the one time you set resolutions to change at the beginning of the year.

It’s okay to fail too by the way. Don’t ever think yourself a failure because you don’t achieve, look at why you didn’t. Was the task too big; so can you break it down? Did you have the support; so can you get someone to work with you? Did you want to change from your heart; so find something you would love to change instead of something you aren’t passionate about. What do you need to change? Do you need to change? Is it essential you change everything at once?

How about setting yourself a New Years resolution every week or even every day? Something small to achieve, something that will really make a difference to you and your life. We all know that small achievements, gained incrementally make a huge change happen over time. 

Oh gosh what if you don’t achieve each and every one of them?!?! So what! Move onto the next one or simply try it again the next time. Do not pick up that large stick and beat yourself. It’s not failure, it’s just not time. I’m totally rubbish at sticking to big New Years resolutions so I simply don’t set them but what I do do is make sure that every morning I’m grateful for what I’ve achieved the day before and look forward to achieving all I do in the day to come. Some days just getting through an entire day without being too tired or being too cross or frustrated with things, without lacking in compassion for another, without hurting someone else or me, makes my world a happy and successful place to be in.

You always have another chance to change but you have to want to change to achieve it. There are thousands of opportunities every day to be a better person, learn more, grow more, be more and taking just one or two of those and seeing them through makes you a winner every time. Step out today and see  what’s there for you. Tomorrow you will be able to be thankful for all you do today.


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