And the adventure begins

Twelve months ago today my business was born and what a twelve months it has been. All I dreamt of and then some more. It has changed shape, things added in, things taken out, things on the horizon I hadn’t even thought about then. How much unfolds in such a short space of time. This gives me the knowledge that the potential for this second year is off the scale.

Life, I have discovered, is one big adventure and you have to put on your backpack, sturdy boots and take plenty of provisions as you don’t always know what you will find along the way. I have filled my knapsack with so much in the last twelve months to prepare me for the next phase that I step forward with confidence and excited anticipation of what’s next.

Are you getting up today to begin something new? Are you getting up today full of wonder and excitement about this year? I really hope so. I’m not a creator of resolutions but I am a planner and I know what I want to achieve this year and I am 100% certain that all and more will happen. How can I be so sure? I found belief, belief in me and I know that once you have that everything is possible. 

I’m a planner but where I used to have to know all the detail in advance now I have more of a list of achievements with no great structure in achieving them, I just know roughly and the rest I know will come if it’s meant to be. Naive? Maybe. Good business practice? Maybe not in an official capacity. Achievable? Damn right it is. I guess I’m trying to say I know what I want and today I will do what is possible to step towards it. Will I worry about three months down the line? No as I can’t control that. I can control what I do towards my goals today though so that’s what I will do.

I challenge myself as often as I can. I question my courage and force myself to do more than my courage says I can. I applaud myself when I achieve. I berate myself when I’m negative or thinking of giving up. I am proud. I am a giver. To you I give all you ask for, all you need, all you want. All I ask in return is use what you gain wisely, with confidence and make your life feel better to you. When you’ve done that you can then do the same for someone else. It’s called the ripple effect.

So this adventurer has her bags at the ready, her sturdy boots on, a map in her pocket and a compass in her heart so let’s begin…..


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