Brick by brick

Wall building, bricklaying, is an art, making sure it’s strong, straight, level and can stand up to many years of everything the world throws at it. It’s something I’ve been exceptional at over the years. Brick by brick I laid that wall. Carefully positioning each brick, lovingly creating a masterpiece. It was usually black stone, granite. Impenetrable. High, wide and beautiful. I was such an expert at it sometimes I wasn’t even aware I was creating such a work of art.

How many have you built or is it just the one? You can build a wall to protect you. You can build a wall to shut others out. Maybe they are the same wall? We all build them but some have the right idea and use them wisely.

I have learnt it’s okay to build a wall as long as the intent and purpose is a positive one. My walls these days are to stand on top of. If I look behind me I can see exactly where I have been. If I look ahead I can see how far I can go. I just like to look between my feet at the beauty of this spectacular creation of mine. It’s where I see my present, my now, my where I am today.

This wall shows how far I have come. This wall shows me how I have taken everything in life and brick by brick have created something of beauty in bricks of gold, red, yellow, purple, green; in fact every colour of the rainbow. This wall shows my strength, my courage to keep building when I felt like giving up. This wall shows my honesty as its straight and true and has no nooks and crannies to hide behind. This wall is authentic, solid, strong, beautiful. This wall protects me yes if I choose to stand behind it occasionally, but it is a much better viewpoint. This wall is me.

Brick by brick you can build a wall to shut people out and if you have done that I understand but sometimes you have to make space for a door to let people in or to let yourself out. Brick by brick you don’t even notice how high you are building it and if you have I understand but sometimes you need to put in a window to see others and allow them to see you. Brick by brick you can create a wall but the difference is its purpose and your intent. What’s yours?


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