Leaving behind

As we draw to the last few days in 2016 I wonder what you will leave behind. I see so many posts in social media at this time saying how bad their year has been, that nothing good came from the 365 they’ve been given to do with what they will, that next year has to be better.

How can you have had all that time and not found something in there to celebrate as we draw towards the new year? I know people will have lost friends and family and maybe their jobs aren’t what they would like them to be or they have financial worries. I totally get it, I’m not immune to all the bad and sad things that happen in life, but I do believe we should at least try and take with us something positive from everything we experience. If we don’t how else do we learn.

To wish your life away to me seems a waste. There are still three days of this year to experience something spectacular, to try something new, to do something well, to say something someone needs to hear, to be spectacular! So why waste the opportunity?

But leave behind we must. We step forward each new day into the future, which becomes our present but you cannot, indeed should not, take everything with you. Baggage I think I will call it today. So what is to be left at the station as you board the train to your next destination? For me I think it has to be worrying about my financial situation and just ensure that I work hard enough to be secure. I guess instead of worrying about what I might not have tomorrow or haven’t got right now, I must focus on what I am doing every day to ensure financial security, because that is the only bit I have control over – what I do.

What about you? Are you leaving behind a piece of you that you that doesn’t serve you in 2017? Are you leaving behind a worry or stress point? Are you leaving behind a person who makes you sad or just doesn’t bring out the best in you? Are you leaving behind a business to begin again? Are you leaving behind memories that keep you trapped in the past? Are you leaving behind enough?

Take a few minutes today to think how to step into the new year on a positive note. Place that first footprint in the sand in 2017 and make it one that is deep, clear and true.


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