Is it time?

How often do you say that you will do something tomorrow, that you will go there later, that you will try that another time….. when is it time? When do you think will be the right time to begin to live?

I know my time is short on this earth. I know that I have to live every single day like its my last. I know that I have to give all I have, achieve all my potential and be the person I was born to be or I have wasted that precious gift we call time. I want to, no need to, fill every day with love and laughter and give my heart wherever it serves someone well.

I wasted too much time feeling sorry for my lot, feeling I was not who I deserved to be, blaming everything nd everyone else for who I was, how I felt and where my life was going. What a complete idiot I was for wasting all that I had. Only on waking up to me did I see I was already enough, my life was already filled with possibility and potential and I had a chance to live life to its most fullest, most exotic, most passionate, most fruitful and fun filled potential. All I had to do was begin to live it.

What are you putting off doing, being, feeling. living? What is the first thing that comes into your head when you hear that question? Do you need to change something? Do you need to say something? Do you have somewhere you need to go? Are you holding back from something? Are you blaming instead of being responsible? When will you step into your light and shine?

When will you give yourself the okay to be the person you are and sparkle for the world to see it too? Tomorrow? Next week? 2017 maybe as there are 365 days to choose from….? When the children are older? When you are earning more? When you have that dream promotion? When you are older, wiser, braver, taller, shorter, fatter, thinner, fitter…..? When?

Can I suggest you stop making excuses (and no they are not reasons they are definitely excuses) and get out there and live!






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