A miracle? 

No matter whether you believe the Christmas story or not you have to agree that the idea that the birth of a baby could be so life changing for so many is a miracle. The belief that this one child could change life as we know it. Why not today?

What if, instead of the birth of the Messiah we bring it to today and one person could change your life…. What if one person gave you such hope that you believed that everything is achievable, that anything is possible, that you can have all you need and love and be loved for all eternity. What if….

What if for Christmas I gave you one person who could change your life? What if that someone showed you the you that they can see every time they look at you? What if that person took your hand and showed you your potential, showed you all you could be because it’s already inside you? What if there was one person who believed in you so much they gave you all they had to help you see it too? What if their light shone so brightly it could light your way until yours burned brightly enough to see again?

You may think the Christmas story just a story or you may believe that it’s a true depiction but no matter which way you look, it tells you that it’s possible for one person to change the world. Who’s changing yours? Maybe you are the one to change someone else’s. Maybe, just maybe you are the change in your own world. Time to rewrite your story?


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