Deja vu

Ever had that feeling when you meet someone that you’ve met before? Have you ever allowed your mind the possibility to think that actually you have. Your soul? Now for some I may be on dodgy ground this morning, especially if you don’t believe but stick with me.

We believe as children that there is a Father Christmas and a tooth fairy and an Easter bunny. As we grow older we learn that these work differently to how we thought but do you ever think of the possibility, have a tiny query that adults may be wrong and there may be something in in. Just because we as adults make it something else, are we right to say there is no magic?

Some believe that there is a god, in what ever version he may come in, but he exists in their eyes. We don’t see him and yet we continue to have faith that he is there watching over us and keeping us safe.

Some believe that whilst we have physical bodies, at the end of their day when they no longer work for us we move on as something else and it is our soul that continues into another life. You can’t see it so can you believe it?

When I meet some people I know we have met before and whilst I don’t know them physically, I do know that my soul has connected with theirs before. I don’t need proof, I have a fine gut instinct that tells me that one. I simply believe. I don’t question, as a child doesn’t question the tooth fairy or as a religious person doesn’t question their God, I simply accept. There is a connection I can feel and that is enough for me. I don’t need to know who or where and the why is simple, we have something to do, to achieve, to be in this lifetime.

I feel them same for everyone that comes into my world, we are meeting for a purpose, it may be to learn, to grow, to heal, to protect, to love. It may be lasting, it may be fleeting and I always accept the length of time with me as enough. When they go, we have clearly done what we needed to do. It sometimes feels too short but for me that is my physical being needing them in my life, not my soul. I am grateful for whatever time we have and sometimes, just sometimes the universe may bring them back round to do it all again.

If you believe in something, in someone, in yourself, it is. Don’t question. Trust and have faith.


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