Words – not always easy

We can manage to say quite a lot without words. I still remember that look my mum would give me that could stop a truck and I do believe I inherited it but you’d have to get my kids to confirm that one. There are many ways to express yourself, through body language or with your eyes but without words so much can be missed or misinterpreted.

Words are not always easy to say but are always essential if you want to be totally understood, clear and with no room for the person in front of you to miss what you really need to say.

How many times have you walked away from someone, whether that be a work situation, a friend or a loved one and thought “I wish I’d said that”. Usually it’s too late as the moment has passed. 

Time. Time is a massive factor for me as I’m getting older. When I was younger it didn’t seem to matter, the missed opportunity, because I knew, or at least I thought, there was always time to go back and correct, repeat, say or repair. I don’t feel that way anymore and what I need to say has to come out. It’s not always welcome but I don’t feel I am being honest to myself or the other person if I keep it inside. No one wants to miss an opportunity.

Emotions. Frustration, anger, caring, love. All emotions you can see but ones that can be open to misunderstanding without words behind. A big hug for one could be a ‘how lovely to have seen you, goodbye’ and yet to the other it could be a ‘I’ve missed you so much let’s try again’. It really depends on what’s in someone head, their dreams, their desires, their intent. Add words to the hug and whilst it may hurt or heal at least there’s clarity.

Words, your words, can mean so much to someone so speak kindly, be gentle, speak from your heart, be honest and don’t leave things unsaid. Tomorrow may be too late. Words, your words, may also heal. Someone who is having a bad day may love to just listen to your words, your positive upbeat conversation. You don’t have to be boosting their ego or their mood intentionally but if you give out love and words that match how can they not take some of that away with them.

So, the question is what do you really need or want to say to someone today? Choose your words wisely and say them from your heart, with love. Even the most harsh or upsetting conversations if said with love can be more palatable. Time. Don’t let time pass. If it needs to be said, say it. What if you don’t and time takes over and an opportunity for change, for love, for happiness is missed. Regret is not a good place to be sat in tomorrow.


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