Who has left footprints on your life? Where have you left yours? 

It is clear to me now that people come and go in your life and you will gain something from each and every one of them but it’s what you learn from them that is important.

Some people will come and go and some will stay. Some will treat you badly. Some will love you uncondiitonally. Some will make you laugh and some make you cry. Some teach you and some learn from you. Whatever the role they play, you must learn from each and every one of these experiences because if you don’t they are wasted, the experience is just an experience and may cause you more long term damage than you can bear.

If I look at the footprints left in my life they are varied in their shape and size. Some are deep, some large, some like fairies have walked in and some just visible to the naked eye. Some still hurt me and some left a memory of some pain or sad experience, some make me glow and smile a smile that could tell a thousand stories and I love each and every one of them. 

For years I found myself trying to cover over these prints, especially the ones that caused me pain but then I realised that sometimes these are the ones I have learnt most from, most about myself and other people. These painful ones, whether a relationship that went sour or the loss of a parent or child, these are the ones that give you the most. You need to see past the pain and the tears and see the characteristics, emotions and actions that make you stronger, bigger, more positive and a better person. It’s not always easy but it is always possible. You just need to want to learn.

Footprints – the impression left behind, the trace of something that was, an impact, something that identifies who you are. What footprint do you leave when you walk in, through or out of another persons life. Be careful how you tread.


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