Giving or receiving 

Hmmm Christmas. I’m not a fan personally. Christmas somewhere lost its joy for me after my own childhood and before I had children of my own. Then I regained it to make it special for them but now they ‘don’t believe’ in either God or Father Christmas it’s gone  again. I’m telling you to because I may just have a distinctly lop sized view on giving and receiving.

So many people have forgotten what Christmas is actually celebrating. It’s is the birth of Christ isn’t it? The clue is in the title I do believe. So when did it only become about Santa Claus and who could get the most, eat the most, spend the most? How very sad. I know I am generalising but all I have seen this last three or four weeks is people getting into debt for things no one needs or wants, talking about what they are getting and how much it costs, as if that makes it a better gift and greed.

I know out there, there are people celebrating because they believe in God and the birth of Christ and whilst I don’t want to stand alongside them, I still love the carols, the thought of midnight mass and the giving thanks for the birth of a child who means so much to others around me. There is something quite magical about this time of year and I don’t mean men that can fly and climb down chimneys.

There’s something magical because if you strip it all back its giving thanks for a gift. A gift you didn’t ask for, a gift given unconditionally and a gift so big that it fills you with love from top to bottom and the inside, out. It doesn’t matter what your faith, your religion or non religion, that is something we can all appreciate. Having something so precious that it fills our hearts to overflowing.

At this time of year I give my thanks. I give my thanks for the gift my parents gave me. My life and unconditional love. I give thanks for the love of my siblings. I give thanks for the gift of my two beautiful children and those who for whatever reason never came to be. I give thanks for the unconditional love of those in my life who make up my world. If I never have a tree and never have gifts to go under them it would never stop me feeling blessed at Christmas because I already have everything I need and the benefit is I get to take all my gifts everywhere and use them every day as they are always in my heart.

This time of year is about gift giving. What are you giving this year? Too much? Unnecessary items? Thanks? Love? For some I am sure it’s a beautiful blend of gifts in the physical sense and those from your heart and I wish you all a very happy holiday. For others this may be a moment to just stand back and double check priorities. For those who are doing this without a religion or family or loved ones you have my blessings and my love.


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