The conversation of life

Have you ever talked to someone and you just wanted it to go on for ever or maybe you talked so long the hours felt like seconds? Life should be like this.

Life should be like the best conversation you have ever had. It should be a mix of deep meaningful discussion, light hearted nonsense, giggling, reminiscing, discussing the future and what it looks like, romantic, cheeky, passionate, all mixed with hints of beautiful silence.

When you find someone you connect with, no matter on what level; it could be business, it could be shared interests or it could be romantically; you just lose time and sometimes nothing else exists but that conversation, that moment and you are present for each and every second. Imagine your day to day life being like that!

Imagine being so involved in your life that there is no time or inclination to live in someone else’s. You are so busy ensuring your life is everything you want it to be that you don’t need to compare, you don’t need to copy, you don’t need to worry about how someone else is living theirs. That does not mean you aren’t interested, this means you are in the now in yours and living every second because it counts.

We spend too much time watching how others live their lives. Celebrities. Friends. People we aspire to be. Unfortunately whilst we are watching theirs we are missing out on our own and time is so very precious. We spend too much time wishing we were living differently instead of living differently or enjoying what we have here and now. We let time slip through our fingers and suddenly we are at the end with nothing left but regret or a list of things still yet to be done.

Today think of the best conversation you have ever had. It may have been yesterday or twenty years ago but you will remember everything about it. You will remember what you talked about, how it made you feel, where you were and when it took place. You will remember that person as they will be indelibly etched into your skin for the rest of your life. That is how you should look at life and savour every hour, every minute, every second. Don’t waste it, live it. 


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