Show your sparkle

Have you ever wanted to dance on bubble wrap, fly a kite in a storm, jump on beds in a store or be remarkable in any way possible? It’s all inside you. It’s your sparkle.

Everyone has a sparkle inside. Everyone has a light, a dream, an urge to shine bright. Unfortunately some can’t see it and some don’t know what to do with it even if they have it, but if you have even the tiniest sparkle, spark or tiny weenie glow inside you, let it out!

When you truly believe in you, you really do let your inner magic go and your sparkle is visible for all to see. Believing in you means nothing can stay inside, you are unstoppable and your heart simply explodes with magic, with love, with hugeness never before witnessed. You become a circle. Never ending, perfect, encompassing all you do, say, give.

We’ve all witnessed it in others I am certain. Those people you speak to who when they do or talk about what they love they seem to grow taller, wider, bigger somehow from the inside out and they shine. There is a light in their eyes that is so bright that sometimes you need sunglasses to be around them. They have a glow that seems to radiate from their skin and leaves a trail for others to follow as they move around in their world.

Stop for a second and think when you last let your sparkle out. When was it? What caused it? Who caused it? Why did you decide to cover it over so no one could see it? What made you think it wasn’t worthy of others enjoyment? How did you make it so dull? Did you ever know it was inside at all?

I ask you, no beg you to believe. I beg you to be brave and let it shine. Even if it’s just a little spark to begin with, the more you see it the more you will believe and the more you believe, the more you will see. 

Stun the world with who you are, can be, have become.


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