New year on the horizon 

I know there are a couple of weeks to go before we hit 2017 but for me the last couple of weeks have been on reflecting how far I have come and I am absolutely amazed at what I have achieved this year. More of that another day because today I want to look forward only.

2017, even though it’s not arrived yet, it’s energies are already drawing me in and telling me that it’s going to be a huge year for me and mine. I have no specifics (otherwise I would be getting the lottery numbers through) but my never failing gut instinct tells me there some pretty special stuff on the horizon. Work, pleasure, self, family, friendships, life….all positive elements that this year has been heading towards.

Sometimes you need patience. Something I’ve never really mastered. Sometimes you need patience and preparation for what is to come and 2016 has been my preparation year. Learning, failing, falling, getting back up, succeeding, laughing, crying, frustration and elation are all in this mixing bowl that, when nurtured, creates a solid base for what is to come. Old faces, new ones, some from the past and some only in the future. Giving, taking, mundane and exciting are all words that come along with the word future and without them it would hold no joy.

Have you looked forward and decided what your 2017 is going to look like? I say decided and not wondered because it’s your choices, your decisions, your dreams and ambitions that will make 2017. You control what it looks like, how it feels, what highs and lows it contains. With you there is hope. With you there is prosperity. With you there is success and dreams and unstoppable achievements and all are in your head, your heart and your hands. No one else will control what 2017 looks like for you.

2017 is going to be laughter, fun, development, prosperity and stability. It is going to be love, passion, new faces, new friendships. 2017 is going to be everything I make it and the next couple of weeks are already filled with the gratitude I have for what has gone and for what is yet to be. 

Blessings on all your dreams that you make come true.


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