Past to present

How very odd when the past steps forward and joins your present. When people you’ve known, people who’ve made an impact on the person you are now, join you, even just briefly, in today.

How much do you remember? How much do you recall of those days? What was fact and what was your mind creating a picture to make it all better than it really was? Rose coloured spectacles or reality?

On this occasion for me it was a marvellous mix of happy memories, fleetingly cringing about the naive young woman I was and the learning I carried forward which made a part of who I am today. A glorious mix which provided me with a very large smile and some very happy recollections of growing up.

When you look back who do you see I wonder…. When you look back is there a someone you would like to bring forward to the now…. When you look back is there an old you that you want to be again…. 

If you had the chance to relive a moment right now, what part of your past would you be carrying with you to your today? When you’ve found your yesterday and it makes you smile, hold it, treasure it, keep it in your heart. Sometimes just sometimes, memories become reality all over again.


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