Expand your mind

Do you have someone in your world who stretches you, makes you question what you do, who you are, why you are here? Do you have someone who makes you wonder, makes you see things differently, makes you look at life from another angle? If you said yes I think you are blessed.

We can spend years going along through life accepting things for how we see them. We can spend forever accepting our lot. We can lose a whole lifetime if we don’t think bigger, think more. When was the last time you read about a new subject or expanded on something you thought you knew all about? Easier question maybe – when did you last google something because you wanted to know rather than for something you’d forgotten?

Learning is a joy, learning is growing, learning expands your mind and if you expand your mind you have more to give, to share, to talk about. It can only be for the better. I think we can get lazy with our minds and let them just stall or go onto tick over. This is not healthy. It’s all well and good eating well, or exercising or not drinking excessively but if you don’t feed your mind it will wither away and you as a person will stop growing.

I asked if you had someone who makes you question but really the person you have is you but you have to have the will, the desire to be better, to want to know more, do more, think bigger than yourself. Just try it today. Either book yourself in for a lesson you’ve always wanted to do but shied away from, or download something to read that is away from your usual choices or watch a tv programme on a topic you find fascinating but maybe don’t quite understand. Really stretch yourself. 

Blow your mind with something new and then share it with someone and inspire them to do the same tomorrow. Imagine if you did that every day, firstly how much you would learn even in a week, but secondly how your world would suddenly open up to new things, new  ideas, new people. Have fun learning…. 


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