Life in slow motion

As a business owner I rarely switch off. My head is always thinking of things that need doing, promotions to be made, strategies to be rewritten or finances to be managed. This can lead to overload though and brings on all the things I left the corporate world for – stress, worry, anxiety and the blockage of creativity. 

To actually take a day when I don’t do emails, social media or business planning is really hard work in itself but yesterday I did just that. I still had that gentle nagging of guilt as there is so much to be done but if I hadn’t taken time for me and to be present with my loved ones, all those downsides of running a business would have begun to creep in.

It’s not always about stopping, it’s about slowing down or doing everything, seeing everything, in slow motion. Life is so fast paced these days, people rushing, trying to get one step ahead of themselves and not taking time to enjoy the journey they are on. Surely this is one of the reasons I began working for myself, to enjoy the time freedom it gave me? If I then crash through life, not taking in the joy, the beauty, the pleasure of self employment, it’s not worth doing is it!

So yesterday I took that time to step away and just learn patience, patience to know that what I’m striving for will come but sometimes I have to work at the pace of the universe not the pace of my desires. If I look back and see how far I have come in just under one year I am astonished at what I have achieved. I am proud of what I have achieved. I have come so much farther than I expected to in this amount of time and much of that is because I have been open minded, open to learning and listening to others, taking advice, trying things, failing on some and succeeding in others. 

Patience. Another persons free will is involved in everything I do and slowing things down from my rush and go attitude is sometimes necessary. Living life as if in slow motion is sometimes a business tool to be used as it allows reflection, it allows reviewing and reinventing, it allows others to see what you are doing, creating, providing and it gives stability and reassurance.

I love being in business for myself and I will make this a huge success as long as I remember to sometimes step back, take time, slow down, regroup my energy and that of the business. There’s only me and if I don’t look after me and get sick or lose the love I have for what I do because I’m stressing constantly it will have all being for nothing.

Simple question today…. Do you need to slow down, take stock, reenergise, review, learn to step away even for just a day? Can you? Will you? 


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