Someone to talk to

Do you have someone to talk to? Someone you can share your deepest secrets, fears, ambitions, loves, losses, high and lows with? Everyone needs a someone, especially when you think you don’t and you can “manage” or “cope”.

When you don’t have a someone where does all this go? Usually it stays inside and festers. Letting go and sharing is a massively important way of communicating, sharing, releasing and allowing your head the space to do what it needs to do.

A huge part of my job is listening. It may be listening out for ailments I’m not directly told about and it may be listening to the stresses that are causing physical problems that I am healing but sometimes it’s purely listening because I care and they need to share. To listen is a gift and a skill that many don’t have. To hear is quite different. To be trusted to listen is  a blessing and an honour. 

For some there is no one, they don’t have that someone so to them I would offer the suggestion of writing. Whether that be a journal, a blog, a book, a poem or a letter, that isn’t the issue, it’s just important to get what’s in your head to somewhere. When it’s left you, your head has more space and sometimes your heart can begin to mend if that is what is required.

If you are the someone, you are chosen, you are being honoured, you are needed. Be gentle with their words. Don’t abuse this role and don’t ever break their trust. I had someone do that to me once and I can never forgive. I can send them blessings and wish them well in my heart but I will never trust them again and breaking that highest value means no going back on our friendship. Unless you are asked for it, you aren’t there to give opinion or advice, you are there to take away their burden and then let it go as it’s not yours to keep.

If you need me I am here. If you want an ear I have two. If you need to unburden, let go or just get out what is inside, call me.


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