What do you see?

When you look at the night sky do you see darkness, light pollution or the stars? Now I know that will very much depend on where you live but I really mean why would you notice first. Some time ago I would have seen the light pollution and yet with personal development, surrounding myself with positive, encouraging people and allowing love in, I now sees the beauty of the stars.

It’s really hard sometimes to see the beauty or the good in a person or situation but as you grow, develop your own self belief and encourage yourself to live by your values instead of those around you, it will come. 

Talking of values, do you know what yours are? Do you know the very things that make you tick? Many don’t or struggle living by them so don’t worry if that’s you. I only really learnt what my values are and how to live by them when I understood what happens when someone crosses them. Certain people in my life at the time were coming across as false, dishonest and simply not authentic but they were nice people so I didn’t understand why I was feeling frustrated by them, I didn’t understand why I felt uncomfortable with them. Then I realised they were crossing my values. 

They were not being honest, they were not being true to the image they portrayed and they lied to me. Not in a harsh way but enough for me to mistrust whatever else they said. They let me down when I needed them, even though I was always there if they needed me. Honesty and trust. My two values that I live by and if they are crossed I struggle to communicate with that person but at least I understand why. It’s not that they are a bad person or that I am any better, it’s just that we don’t share values and that causes a clash.

Sorry, went off at a tangent then…..  I think all I am saying this morning is be aware, be aware of yourself and how you are seeing things, how you react to people and situations and how you manage your life and who you surround yourself with. When you have awareness you are in a position to make choices about how to deal with life.

Next time you look up at the sky, whether it be dawn or dusk, be aware of what you see and if it’s not what you want to see (say the light pollution), make a conscious effort to find the beauty (say the stars). The more you find the beautiful and the good and really strive to live by your values, the more positive you will become.


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