Letting people down

I absolutely hate letting people down and if I say I will do something or be somewhere I will always make sure it’s done, even if it means putting something I need off. It’s called commitment. If I have an appointment I show up on time because someone else has given  their time to me and it’s precious. If I can’t get somewhere or do something that I have promised at the last minute I will profusely apologise and make up for it.

On the flip side I hate being let down. I cannot abide people who say they will do something and don’t deliver. I get frustrated by people who make promises and keep none. I actually get angry with people wasting my time. My time is a gift to me and to them and when they abuse the use of it it says to me that they do not respect me, my time, their time or themselves.

There are always moments when an emergency arises and you cannot see your commitment to another person through but when it’s clearly been known for days why not rearrange? Even better be brave up front, say no and don’t make the appointment at all.

Are you one of those people who says yes to everyone and every request you get, totally over committing yourself and your time? Are you one of those people who thinks “oh it’s okay they won’t mind”? I’m sorry but they absolutely will. It’s rude, it’s bad manners and it’s disrespectful to take that someone else’s time is not as important as yours. If you honestly think it’s better to say yes and let people down than it is to say sorry no I can’t, then can I ask you to think again.

Commitment, it appears that this is a cheap commodity these days. If you commit to a task, a job or a person, see it through. Unless it is putting you or another in danger in some capacity, work at it. Talk, ask questions, seek guidance, do things differently but see it through. Life, jobs, relationships all take a commitment and are not some cheap toy that you can throw away just because it becomes hard or doesn’t work quite as good as it did or is just getting a bit old and frayed. 

You have given your word and that is everything if you expect respect. Even one little doubt before you agree to something and the answer should be no, or at very least not yet, until you work it through in your head or your heart.

A mild rant this morning I know but it’s a bug bear of mine.


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